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There is a special moment that sometimes happens over dinner. When the table goes silent. When all you can hear is the clinking of cutlery. Maybe the odd sigh of satisfaction. When the meal is just so good, no one needs to say it. Everyone just knows. Here at InterContinental Sydney Double Bay, we believe that food has a unique power to bring people together. Where words are few, but memories are many.

From the earliest of times, the act of preparing, cooking and enjoying food has been able to unite people in a shared love of the moment. But in the same way, everyone has a particular way they like their eggs cooked, so too do we all have a certain view, or outlook we need to create the ideal eating environment. With that in mind, we are thrilled to be able to offer an array of wonderful dining areas throughout the hotel - each one unique, each one offering something special to tempt you.

And, while the environment may change – from the elegant surroundings of The Bar to the breathtaking views from the Rooftop – we ensure that the quality remains a constant. Our culinary teams are always hard at work to keep our menus as creative as they are familiar; seasonal, while also surprising.

With a kitchen that never sleeps, as our guest, you’ll never go hungry, and with so many menus on offer – have you tried our High Tea yet? Have you tasted the Sydney Rock Oysters in the sunshine on the Rooftop? – some of the best food you’ve ever had is only ever minutes away.

We are also thrilled to share, that we are now serving Bakers Bleu bagels on our morning Breakfast Buffet, So, come in, sit down and let us spoil you.

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